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Connect to WiFi SSID

If you boot iSTAR with WiFI DISABLED, then try to search for a WiFi network you may find the unit does not display all available SSIDs.

Here is how to connect to a WiFi SSID:

  1. Enter Wifi Settings Menu
  2. Click Wifi enabled
  3. Click back to Network settings
  4. Click Wifi Settings Menu again
You should now see the list of available SSIDs

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  • Avatar
    Rob Rob

    Dumb question - once iStar is hooked into wifi how next to use this feature?

    I'm trying to get my laptop to see iStar. Also trying ethernet.



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    Andrew Baddeley

    We are about to release a firmware update that allows you to connect to iSTAR via it's webserver. We've created an interface that will allow you to remote activate the capture. 

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