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How can I edit the RAW images from iris360?

You can't. The RAW images from iris360 are created using our proprietary ".nctri" 8 bit RAW format. It can only be read by our Immersive Studio software.

You can't for example use Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to post process the RAW data.

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  • Avatar
    Dustin Gelegonya

    There is currently a plugin for iStar in AutoPano Giga. Will this work with the iris360 images?

  • Avatar
    Andrew Baddeley

    I've not had time to try it but I suspect there may be some mis-alignments. give it a go and also try without using the plugin.

  • Avatar
    Erick Andrade

    When will the mac version be available?

  • Avatar
    Andrew Baddeley

    We do not have an ETA yet for the Mac version of Immersive Studio

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