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Can I create the HDR file and process it though third party software?

Certainly. If you need, you can process the JPEG data in any 3rd party software applications that support HDR processing.

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    neil henderson

    to do this how do we get all the bracketed images that have been taken - wondering if i might use this technique to help with some of the lens flare on sunny days??

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    Andrew Baddeley

    In Immersive Studio:

    1. DESELECT "Stitch Images" 
    2. SELECT "Export Source JPEGS"
    3. Click "Process"

    You'll then have the source fisheye JPEGS that you can stitch in PTGUI, AutoPano Giga etc.


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    neil henderson

    great thanks andrew

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    Jesse Roros

    Do you know what the optimal image file size needs to be for a google virtual tour if image was edited in Photoshop and lightroom?

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    Andrew Baddeley

    "At least 14 megapixels (5,300 by 2,650 pixels) and at most 72 megapixels (12,000 by 6,000 pixels) with a 2:1 aspect ratio."

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