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Hardware upgrade iris360

Hi, first time here on forum, i was wondering if my iris360 could be hardware upgraded. Which hardware upgrade in case ? Lenses, software, wifi module? Gps? I just bought it second hand 4 days ago for photo quality upgrade but sincerely the differences between it and my ricoh/lg 360 are more than suspected. It's terrible slow, bad quality, continous wifi disconnection, blu ring and leds not working. Could someone please give me some suggestions? Thanks soo much!

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Hi Ambro,

While we did previously offer a paid upgrade from v1 version of iris360 to v2, I'm afraid that this is no longer available.  The upgrade mainly consisted of new lenses with a wider field of view, a small individual LED on each of the 4 sides as opposed to a ring all the way around, and the updating of the microSD slot.  This was the only hardware update that we ever provided, although I would recommend that you check you are using the latest version of firmware on the device, and if not, update - the latest version is currently v1.3.16, which can be found here.

I'd be more than happy to further investigate the issues you are experiencing, if you'd like me to do so though, please raise a support ticket here and provide as much detail around these faults as you can, I will respond accordingly.

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