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NC VR Camera for 500 $?!?



they say that there is a VR camera / 3D capture device for 500 $ but I dont find any information about that model on the NCTech Website.

Is this just wrong or is it still under development or did I just not look in the right places?

Does anybody know about it?



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Hello Nicolas,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Just so you are aware, we have created a new VRC community topic which your post now falls under; All further discussion on VRC can now take place here.

At present VRC is still in development and i'm afraid that we have we little details regarding spec and functionality, however we expect to make a full product announcement in January 2018. What we can say is that VRC is a compact, portable 3D scanner, which features 360 Degree images capture and offers the ability to output a colour, 3D meshed model of the scanned environment, as well as panoramic images; VRC will likely retail between $500-$1000 

Exact availability dates are still to be confirmed, though we aim to release VRC for sale Q2 2018. 

Let me know if you have further questions.


Paul Thomson


Paul Thomson
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