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So disappointing...

After waiting an extra 6 weeks over and above the timescale when ordering, imagine my disappointment when I try it out and find:

1) Muddy, often very dark HDRs, even with HDR+ (I could get better dynamic range with 3 shots on my dSLR)

2) Massive amounts of chromatic aberration

3) Sometimes it'll take a shot, but I can't process them, for example I did 5 shots, put the card in my laptop and it would not process any of them.  That was a mix of HDR, HDR+ and single shot.

4) The stitching is awful

5) Noisy images even at ISO100

6) Often loses connection with the app and won't re-connect without terminating the app and re-connecting the WiFi

I have a very average cameraphone, and I can do a better job in terms of dynamic range, stitching quality etc. by putting it on panorama and spinning round on the spot!

Really disappointed as this should have been a great product.  At least when I send it back it'll help fulfil some of the order backlog.


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Sorry to hear you are unhappy with the results you are seeing with your iris360. Please can you raise a Support Ticket and I'm sure we can resolve these issues for you quite easily.

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So wanting to add to this persons experiences of the iris360. I too received my camera after quite the delay.

Mine is the latest version with the focus fix etc.

For £1500 plus, I too feel the images are extremely poor. My best comparison would be the low quality camera on the 4th generation iPod touch.

They are nowhere near the quality that could be sold to a client for tours etc.

Again shots have very poor colour and are very low quality more like 2mp. My £50 Lumia 550 produces far better panoramic sweeps in the same conditions.

Frankly, the quality isn't good enough for the price point. I get that the distortion means large parts not centre are stretched but it needs to be making much sharper images with far better colour capture to warrant it's premium price point.

Stitching using the desktop app id fine, no issues there and although it drops the connection rarely, it soon reconnects if left alone so I’ve no issues on those fronts.

I am shooting iso100 and regular HDR, indoor and outdoor. None are going to win any awards!

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Hi Jason,

Sorry to hear you are unhappy with the results you are seeing with your iris360.

As I have already posted to this thread and also I believe you have been previously advised,  please can you raise a Support Ticket regarding any issues you are experiencing so we can quickly identify and resolve these for you.

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