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Modifying iStar images before applying to pointcloud

I need to remove people from my iStar images before applying the images to a pointcloud in Leica Cyclone. I thought I would be able to open up the image in question (for example thumb-2.jpg), modify the image in Gimp, and re-apply the 4 images to the corresponding 3D scan. But I tried that and it doesn't work...the original image file still seems to be applying to the scan. 

Has anyone found a workflow for this that works?

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Hi Colin,

You can't do this with any of the thumb images. these are very low res images used in the preview.

Are you importing the iSTAR data into Cyclone using the iSTAR/Colourcloud import? If so then there's nothing you can do  at all as you have no access to the source images or panorama with ColourCloud.

If on the other hand you are taking the processed spherical panorama from Immersive Studio and importing that into Cylcone via cube faces, then you could edit the people from the panorama using something like the new panorama edit feature in Photoshop CC, but it's going to be quite an operator intensive task I'm afraid.


Andrew Baddeley
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