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Immersive studio version

Hi, i've got a iSTAR Fusion camera purchased on may of 2015, i would like to clear out some questions:

1) My OS is Windows 8, as i red the last version of Immersive studio is just compatible with Windows 10, i already downloaded it and im having problems to launch the program (see picture 02), but the previus versions are compatible with Windows 8 as well, is it posible to download an old version of the program, and if it is, where?

2) Ive an old calibration data in my cammera (see picture 01), is it posible i can have some problems while i process the pictures in Immersive studio? i red an article that some old calibration data can give problems while are being processed, in that case i should request to nctech an upddated calibration data file to install in my cammera, isnt it?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Federico,

I see you have also submitted a Support Request about this so Ill answer fully there.

But for the benefit of anyone reading this post, we no longer support any version of Windows prior to Windows 10. If you are using an earlier version, please update your system to Windows 10 and ensure you are also running the latest version of Immersive Studio.

If your unit also requires a new calibration file, please contact Support to arrange this as the unit will need to be returned to us.

Andrew Baddeley
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