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Istar Pulsar vr world pricing

Just wanted to know like i create street view indoor of wedding venues like 3 to 5 panos in a hall here is an example
how will i calculate data processing charges in this. I dont use it for outdoor purpose.
Also will i be able to add watermark at the bottom of by my panos.

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Hi There,

iSTAR Pulsar is designed for mobile operation, capturing 7FPS and is not intended for static capture. Further to this there is currently no option for individual (single) image capture.

If you do not have requirements for outdoor, or large area capture, and only need to link between 3 - 5 panos for your tours, then I would point you in the direction of our iSTAR Fusion System. iSTAR Fusion has been designed for rapid static capture, offering 50Mpix, HDR image output. iSTAR Fusion also allows you to add your own custom logo to the nadir of images automatically during processing, further to this, there is no fee for image processing, iSTAR Fusion uses our desktop Immersive Studio application to batch process images.

After processing is complete, you can transfer your imagery to a mobile device for Publishing to Google Street View using the Street View app.

Please contact me at if you have further questions.

Paul Thomson
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