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What file types are output by iris360?

iris360 produces the following files when an image is captured - these will vary depending on whether you capture in raw, jpg or both.

Note that the filenames represent the date and time stamp for each image, these files will appear within a folder of the format yyyymmdd-hhmmss - see the below example, these files were saved for one capture where both raw and stitched output were selected:


The full panoramic stitched image, processed from the raw image file. Setting the camera to output Stitched JPG will result in this file appearing, otherwise the raw image file must be processed using Immersive Studio to create this.


The full raw image file, in our proprietary format. This contains all data in relation to your capture, it can be fairly large in size as may contain the data for multiple exposures if HDR has been used. Can be processed into a full stitched JPG either by our Immersive Studio software, or on board the camera (not available if using HDR+).


An approximation of what the final stitched image will look like - this is for review purposes only, so this image will not be of usable quality.


A very small, low resolution version of the preview image above, used for identification when browsing images using our mobile app.  Output when capturing in raw format only.


A lower resolution version of the stitched image, specifically to allow for viewing on mobile devices - this file only appears when the camera is set to output "Stitched JPG". Note that when the camera is set to 2000 x 1000 or 4000 x 2000, the small-stitched image will be of the same resolution as the full stitched JPG.


A small, low resolution version of the stitched JPG, also used for identification when browsing images using our mobile app.


A log file for the image captured, showing the settings and workflow used. This is for internal NCTech usage only.

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