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Why does my unit serial number (NCTIR1-815XXX) appear as the image title in Google Street View? How can I change this?

The image title in Google Street View is defined by the "Description" field in each image's EXIF data - currently iris360 populates this field as the unit serial number (NCTIR1-815XXX) by default, we have this flagged to be addressed in a future firmware update.

For now, you can edit the image description in any EXIF data editor prior to uploading the image, and the description specified will show as the title in Street View.  Two examples of editors you can use for this are The which is an online application, or Exif Pilot which must be downloaded.

Note that if you have already uploaded an image with the serial number as the title, you will have to replace it with the corrected version once you have modified the "Description" field.

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