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How do I hide/patch the nadir area at the bottom of my iris360 images?

Firstly, ensure that you are using the latest version of iris360 firmware, you can find this here.

There are a few different options to patch the nadir hole on iris360 images:

  • You can "enable pinch/mirror-ball" in your app settings - when you capture an image and stitch on-board the camera, the nadir will be covered by a "mirror-ball" on the original iris360 (units NCTIR1-8152XXX) or a "pinch" effect on the upgraded model (units NCTIR1-8153XXX)
  • You can upload a custom logo to patch the nadir area.  You can find a .psd template here that you can edit accordingly, you may need to resize it up or down to cover the hole on your unit, but keep the length and width equal and retain a transparent background on the image - to use this with iris360, you must export the image as a .png file.  Again, on the settings page in our mobile app there is an option to "upload logo" and another to specify that you wish to use a logo on your images.  For more detailed information on using a custom logo, please see this article.

Note: The upgraded iris360 has an improved field of view, therefore a smaller nadir area than the original model - as such, the logo can be a lot smaller and still cover the hole.

  • If stitching your images in our Immersive Studio software, both of these options can also be used during this process - they can both be found in the left sidebar among the other options.

You can also find a pre-made image of the iris 360 top view here which you can use as a logo to patch the nadir - this works best with images from the upgraded iris360, while it can also be used with the original model it would need to be increased in size significantly to cover the hole.

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