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How do I use a custom logo to patch/hide the nadir hole on my iris360 images?

Whether you stitch your images on-board your iris360 or use Immersive Studio to do so, you can upload a custom logo to cover the nadir hole at the bottom of your images.

First, some guidelines on creating your logo:

  • There is a logo template attached at the very bottom of this FAQ which you can then use to create your own logo - this is in .psd format, so native to Adobe Photoshop.  If you don't have Photoshop, you can download a free alternative called GIMP from here that will also allow you to edit the image file.
  • The exact size of image required to fully cover the nadir hole differs slightly from unit to unit.  You can either use the template initially, scaling it slightly up or down to find the right fit for your device, or you can create your logo using the template and then scale it as required thereafter.
  • The image file used should remain equal in height and width, and you should ensure that it retains a transparent background so that it covers only the area intended.
  • Both the iris360 mobile app and Immersive Studio require the logo to be in .png format, so when you have created your logo, export it in this format.

To upload your new logo to your images (on-board stitching):

  • First, copy the .png file to the device that you will be controlling iris360 with.
  • Connect your device to iris360 via WiFi and launch the mobile app.
  • Browse to the "Settings" page on the app and select "Upload Logo" (figure 1 below).
  • Select the "Choose file" button (figure 2 below), and select a file that meets the above guidelines.
  • The app will now show a thumbnail of the image that you selected as your logo, now simply select the "Upload" option.

To upload your new logo to your images (stitching with Immersive Studio):

  • Launch Immersive Studio (ensure that this is the latest version).
  • From the main menu, select to PROCESS IMAGES.
  • Note the 5th option in the left hand pane, "Add Logo".
  • Clicking the icon to the right of this option allows you to browse to and select your customised logo, thus replacing the default NCTech logo.
  • Remember, you must check the option to "Add Logo" to include this in your stitched images.
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