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How to capture 360 degree data with iSTAR

How to use iSTAR, easy step by step from NCTech Ltd on Vimeo.

Simple step by step showing how easy it is to capture 360 degree data from any scene, fast and at 50 Megapixel resolution.

This video also shows how easy Immersive Studio can process your data and provide you with a full screen immersive view that can shared.

Note: This video has been recorded in HD, but iSTAR images are 10 x HD so appear low resolution in this video.

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    David Ferguson

    This is great! Exactly what is needed to demonstrate how easy iSTAR is to use and how it benefits workload throughput. Hopefully this is the first of many forming a reference library with each video showing a specific application. iSTAR has so many time saving features and yet users will tend to focus only on those aspects specific to their application. The ability for users to view the videos relevant to their individual requirements will significantly enhance the learning experience and improve the quality of the final image. 

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    Vincen Pujol

    Very nice and clear ;) Possible to qet it without text for translation purpose ? thanks

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