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How do I connect to iSTAR WiFi using Windows 7?

To connect to the iSTAR using Windows 7, please carry out the following steps:

  • Turn on iSTAR, access network settings and turn on AdHoc Mode. Return to the main menu to validate. You will hear a short audio sound indicating successful validation.
  • On your Windows 7 system, access the networks available icon located on the bottom right hand corner of your desktop. You should now see your iSTAR serial number appear as a connection for example: iSTAR-2510. Connect to this
  • When prompted to enter a password enter iSTAR. Please note that the i is in lower case and the remaining characters are upper case
  • If the connection is successful, you will hear a small audio sound coming from the iSTAR indicating a connection and the WiFi symbol located in the top row of the screen should turn green. If you move your mouse over the networks icon in the bottom corner of your windows system, it should display iSTAR-2510.
  • You are now connected. To test, access a web browser on such as Chrome and type in the url and search. You should now be presented with the iSTAR application allowing you to remotely capture images.
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