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My unit won't startup - what do I do?

First, check to make sure you have either:

  1. A fully charged battery in the unit
  2. Connected to a power supply via the mains charger
Next, turn the unit on by pressin the four corners of the touchpad in the following sequence:

  1. Top Left
  2. Top Right
  3. Bottom right
  4. Bottom Left
You should hear a beep and the NCTech logo will appear on the touch screen as the unit starts up.

If the unit still fails to start up:

  1. With a stylus or plastic tipped pen, carefully spread the "legs" of the unit's power supply socket centre pin slightly - this will ensure a good connection between the power socket and the tip of the charging unit. 
  2. Repeat the above sequences and the unit will now power up and function with the power supply connected
  3. Allow the battery to charge for around 3 hours or until the battery charge status indicator shows full.
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