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How can I view the output image in 360 degrees?

There's 2 ways to view a 360 degree iSTAR panoramic image.

1. As a flattened "equirectangular projection" JPEG (think map of the world...)
2. As a "navigable interactive image" (think Google Street View)

The first option is available to everyone, no software needed... Just open the JPEG output from Immersive Studio.

The second option requires viewing software. We give a viewer for free with Immersive Studio, all you need to do is download Immersive Studio here:

After downloading and installing Immersive Studio, select "View Images" from the main menu and select the location where you have some saved iSTAR images.

Another option is to upload your iSTAR images to a FREE online hosting service:

There are also a number of commercial software products that will let you take the output from iSTAR and view in a "navigable" format such as HTML5, QuickTime, Flash etc. Here's some products we recommend:

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