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Where can I download the iSTAR Software?

We are about to release the full version of our software, called "iSTAR Immersive Viewer" which will have an optimised calibration file for each iSTAR unit shipped. The calibration files are still being embedded into our software, however in order to let you start testing your unit, you can download an early release of the software here:

This zip file contains a folder that you simply copy to a suitable location and you can launch the software directly from the folder. In fact, you can if you wish run the application directly from a USB stick if you like as no installation is required.

This early release has some functional limitations at this time and your units' calibration file is not yet included but it will allow you to stitch and save single exposure images created by your unit. We'll email you again when your unique calibration file is ready to download.

You can download the iSTAR Immersive Viewer Manual here:

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    Andrew Baddeley

    We are about to release the first version of our software which is now called "iSTAR Immersive Studio" and all customers who have already received units will shortly be receiving a unit specific download link as each download includes a calibration file that is unique per unit.

    A short video introduction to using Immersive Studio is now available here:

    You can download a Quick Start Guide here:

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