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Why am I getting a "Capture Failed" message?

There are normally 3 reasons you will see a "Capture failed" message on your unit:

  1. You have not inserted an SD card or USB stick into the unit
  2. The unit has failed to detect an SD card or USB stick
  3. Live-view is not working on your unit
You will know if items 1 or 2 apply because when the unit detects a valid storage device, the relevant icon upper right on the touch screen illuminates green and you will see a percentage value, indicating how much space is left on the SD card.


  1. Insert a different formatted SD card or USB stick
  2. Try removing and re-inserting the storage device.
  3. Shut down then re-start the unit and insert a storage device
  4. From the homepage on the touchscreen, press the CAPTURE icon then the LIVE VIEW icon
If you do not see the live view feed after option 4 above then the unit is defective and should be returned for inspection. Please raise a ticket on the Support Portal requesting an RTM return.
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