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I can see some stitching errors in the final image, how do I resolve this?

After processing a set of images through Immersive Studio, you may notice that your final stitched image has noticeable misalignment or stitching errors.

The most likely cause of this will be because Immersive Studio is using the incorrect calibration file to process your images. Please follow the steps below to ensure you are using the correct calibration file.

First of all, access Immersive Studio and select the "Options" button. 

Below is the Options menu which will now be visible. To correctly import your calibration file, select "Import Camera Calibration" and select your calibration file which looks like NCT-IS100XX-.nctcc (XX being your specific unit number) and press open. For example in the image below, file NCT-IS10082 has been selected. 

Once you have selected your calibration file, select default.nctcc which will produce a drop down menu of all files which have been imported into Immersive Studio. The default file used is default.nctcc. From this list, select your specific file. Next, press the main menu button. You can now begin processing images without stitching errors. 




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    Where do I get this “NCT-ISXXX” file? I don't see any on the SD Card or CD?

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    Andrew Baddeley

    Hi Charlie - simply raise a Support Ticket, adding the serial number of your iSTAR unit and we'll take care of everything for you!

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