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iSTAR Firmware Update v1.9.6

ISTAR Firmware Update V1.9.6 - Dated 01/11/2013

We recommend that all users consider upgrading to the latest version of Firmware.

Important : If you wish to use the SD Card for taking images, you should first delete the firmware file from the card before inserting it back into iSTAR.

hard-disc-drive-97581_640.pngDownload iSTAR firmware v1.9.6

Installation Instructions

To install firmware update v1.9.6 FROM v1.5.2 upwards:

  • Extract the contents of the zip file to a blank SD card
  • Insert the SD card into your iSTAR unit
  •  Turn on your iSTAR unit
  • After a moment, the  iSTAR logo appears on the touchscreen
  • After around the 1:10 minute mark,  a message indicating that software is updating is shown on the touchscreen
  • Wait until the update finishes and your iSTAR unit turns off
  • Remove the SD card and turn on your iSTAR unit
  • Delete the contents of the SD card before using it in your iSTAR unit


V1.9.6 - Release Date: 01/11/2013

Bug Fixes: JPEG Exif Data - Altitude was not being written correctly

Issue #104 - When empty USB/SD is inserted the display will show 100% Free not Full as before.

Issue #98 - Storage space check, the check is no longer done at 2%, it is now done by comparing the free space with approximate sizes images being taken ( JPEG, RAW, PNG ) and number of exposures ( 1, 3 or 9 For Full HDR )

Changes: INF.TXT - Extended GPS/Calibration data written to file as requested, Serial number added as well.


BUG Fixes

Fixed - Extended GPS data written to inf.txt file, data is now written as comments //, GPS message data will only be written if received.

Fixed - SD/USB device Full message shown when empty - Display will now show 100% for an empty SD/USB device, indicating the space remaining.

Tidy up

Removal of unwanted console printf messages, from debugging



Fixed bug in 1.9.3 causing istar application to crash, removed debug.


Release for demo only, due to known bug

GPS - Added messaging support for PC application,

KNOW BUG - Additional message causes application to crash, adding debug messages masks this problem.


GPS - Added parsing of additional sentences, to obtain heading information, sentences parses now include



Capture - Streaming Mode 2 added, which allows fixed frame rate. In this mode the application will stream frames at a fixed rate.

Web interface - Problem found with new iOS7, fix added, may also fixed the problem seen with Android browser.


ISO - Replaced ISO to Gain calculation with new one based on spread sheet received from Aptina

Exposure - Because of the ISO fix the indoor/outdoor +/-1ev adjustment is no longer necessary, this has been removed from the application.

Capture - Warning beeps during capturing of images, beeps will sound approximately every 1/2S during capture

Calibration - Ability to load a "calibration" file onto the system. The file are loaded from the settings information page, the file is iSTAR specific and the application verifies the MAC addresses of the LAN and WiFi to match. Further information such as serial number is also included, and a version number for future use.


Timelapse, change to folder/filename format Replace "Never" power off option in settings


Bug - Number of exposure is incorrect when ev range is 14, bug in HDR exposure table


New release with previous changes.


Improvement of HDR ev range measurement to allow dark to also be exposed correctly.


New function to measure exposure when doing HDR Auto to increase the range.


  1. HDR Changes UI “Max” returned to “Auto” HDR Algorithm replaced with Table

  2. Exposure UI Changes "Normal”,”Optimised” replaced with “Outdoors” and “Indoors”

  3. Capture Exposure compensation on single exposure, Outdoors +1ev, Indoors -1ev 1/3 Stops only used in Time-lapse mode.

  4. GPS Removed debug messages when opening UARTs as these are no longer necessary and fill up the debug screen.


GPS Fix problem when using external USB GPS Web interface Update Web interface for HDR/Exposure


Auto Exposure Fix problem with extended exposure table causing the camera not to do long exposures Long exposure Fix to calculation of sensor register settings when doing long exposures (>15s)


Time Lapse Exposure time 60, 90 & 120s added Additional exposure steps (1/3) when doing time lapse/ Auto HDR String "FNAME" replaced with or


INF File text Exposure mode The info text should be correct for Exposure Mode "Optimised","Normal","Front Optimised", "Front Normal","Manual"

Time Lapse: Auto exposure done for every capture iSTAR will not power down during Time-lapse Thumb nails are copied into the thumbs folder as well as the image folder. File names changed to make more readable. UI – Added buttons to abort and stop the time lapse, so it will end cleanly. Fixed for Jpeg and PNG


Time Lapse Add menu, settings and application to support time lapse record. Live Record Changed to support live record feature added to source code, disabled in build Password Root is now password protected


  1. HDR user interface Change option “Single” to “Off”

  2. INF.TXT file Replace exposure modes HDR table change exposure values from ms to fractions of a second. Corrected Min/Max/ev step when using HDR 3 mode

  3. Other(s) Removed unnecessary debug messages from terminal output.


  1. Supported exposure modes Optimised Normal Front Optimised Front Normal Manual

Normal – exposure is measured across the whole sensor, Optimised – exposure is measured across bottom half of sensor

  1. HDR settings Single HDR 3 HDR Max


  1. INF.TXT Corrected exposure time value when using walk about mode

  2. Exposure measurement For testing added two new Exposure modes Auto Half – Exposure calculated across the bottom half Auto Mid – Exposure is calculated across the middle third


ISO Changed ISO Setting values to limited range

HDR Changed HDR settings to off, 3.2 and Auto

Walk around mode Fix to bug where two images were under exposed


  1. HDR Fix problem when taking images in near total darkness. Minimum exposure time was not being set

  2. Crash - Improvements, Moved the Unmapping of memory until after all images have been saved. Increased amount of memory available to CMEM for heap.


  1. HDR Improvement to the range algorithm. UI Changes Settings “Exposures” to “HDR” and options “Off”, “Auto” added

  2. RAW When capturing a RAW image it will now save the JPEG review images and Thumbnail

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