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How do I add a calibration file to my iSTAR?

Bye-Bye Calibration Files!

Great news! Following the recent releases of firmware update v1.9.6 and v4.2 of Immersive Studio, you never need to worry about calibration files again!

From firmware versions v.1.9.6 onwards, you are able to install a calibration file directly onto an iSTAR unit. Every image captured will then have the calibration file for that unit included with the data output. This means in turn that Immersive Studio knows which unit was used for every set of images, allowing an operator to batch process images from multiple units  without any need to check or change calibration files!

If you would like to install your own auto-calibration file onto your unit, please contact us by raising a support ticket and we will create the file for you.

Here's the instructions on how to add the auto-calibration file to an iSTAR unit:

  1. Ensure your iSTAR unit has firmware v1.9.6 or later installed
  2. Insert a blank formatted SD card into your PC
  3. Copy your unit's specific auto-calibration file to the SD card. Please ensure there is nothing else on the SD card
  4. Insert the SD card into your iSTAR unit and power on the unit
  5. Once you see the home screen, access the settings menu and press the 'i' icon in the bottom right corner
  6. You will now be prompted to install your calibration file
  7. You will then be prompted to confirm, once this is done a success message will appear on screen
  8. Press anywhere on the screen to return to the settings menu

Once you have taken an image which you would like to process on Immersive Studio, simply process the image without importing your calibration file on Immersive Studio. It does not matter if you have a different calibration file selected in Options, as the auto-calibration file embedded with the images being processed will always have priority over whatever calibration file is selected in Immersive Studio.

If you wish to overwrite your existing auto-calibration file on your unit, repeat the steps above and your current file will be overwritten with a new version. 

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  • Avatar
    Marcus Rowe

    On pressing the "i" icon I receive a screen informing me of the software version installed, no further options or prompts to install the calibration file

  • Avatar
    Permanently deleted user

    To install the calibration file on your unit, we must initially create the file and send it to you. Please note that this file is different from the calibration file you currently have NCT-IS100xx.nctcc. If you would like to me create the file for you, please raise a support ticket and I will send you it. 

  • Avatar
    Marcus Rowe

    OK Michael, thank you. I did try the original calibration bad......raising a ticket now.

  • Avatar
    Jonathan Valerin

    Hi Michael i will love you guys create 1 calibration file to install on my unit .Tkx

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