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NCTech's new RGB overlay module for any scanner

Here's a sneak peek at our new RGB Overlay Module for accurate Point Cloud colourisation. The process takes RAW iSTAR data and maps its directly to point cloud data without stitching, for pixel perfect overlay to any scanner:

NCTech's new RGB overlay module for any scanner from NCTech Ltd on Vimeo.

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  • Avatar
    Paul Moorcroft

    Hi Andrew,

                        When will you be releasing this for general use? This could really be of use for us with our C10 and save us lots of time at scenes...

    Very exciting!!!





  • Avatar
    Andrew Baddeley

    Hi Paul,

    The short answer is - watch this space!

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    NCTech Support

    This software module is nearing completion and the estimated release date is currently September 2014.

    Beta testing with select users will begin in August.

    Neil Tocher.

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