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iSTAR Firmware Update v2.1.13 - Dated 15/01/2014

ISTAR Firmware Update v2.1.13 - Dated 15/01/2014

We recommend that all users of iSTAR consider upgrading to the latest version of Firmware.

Important : If you wish to use the SD Card for taking images, you should first delete the firmware file from the card before inserting it back into iSTAR.

hard-disc-drive-97581_640.pngDownload iSTAR firmware v2.1.13

Installation Instructions

To install firmware update v2.1.13 FROM v1.5.2 upwards:

  • Copy the downloaded file "v2.1.13.nctuf" to a blank SD card
  • Insert the SD card into your iSTAR unit
  •  Turn on your iSTAR unit
  • After a moment, the  iSTAR logo appears on the touchscreen
  • After around the 1:10 minute mark,  a message indicating that software is updating is shown on the touchscreen
  • Wait until the update finishes and your iSTAR unit turns off
  • Remove the SD card and turn on your iSTAR unit
  • Delete the contents of the SD card before using it in your iSTAR unit



release date 12/01/2015

  • Fix Auto HDR bug in which at low shutterspeed program would crash with an out-of-bound error. In very bright scene (resp. very dark), lower (resp higher) shutter speed required by HDR table is not achievable by the sensors. In that case, fix is to re-capture at the lower (resp. higher) shutter speed supported by sensors effectively doubling the take to keep odd numbers of exposures.
  • Suppress additional debug infos introduced in V2.1.11, i.e. Additional lines in log (.nctdi) file and option HDR Auto-Test.
  • keep bug fix from v.2.1.11: display debug info on votes values in INF.TXT file when in walk-around mode


release date 09/01/2015 (internal only)

Skipped - All files were not correctly updated in that release


release date 05/01/2015 (debug try version only)

Testing version to understand Auto HDR bug

2 tried fixes:

  • option HDR Auto: shifts the hdr exposure table by 1
  • option HDR Auto-test: reduces the scale of exposures values available to avoid changing sensor frequency

Additional debug output produced as a log on the sd card which tries to display the steps in the algorithm (only availbale if SD card present)

  • Bug fix: display debug info on votes values in INF.TXT file when in walk-around mode


release date 22/12/2014

  • Fix HDR 3 bug in which camera gets stuck at 95%. Function rational in codec.cpp would enter an infinite loop if called with a 0 value. Add corresponding testing case.


release date 18/12/2014

*Change Wifi create Access Point name from iSTAR_XXX.osc to iSTAR_XXXX.


release date 16/12/2014

  • add hostapd program to allow to turn iSTAR camera into an Access Point, to be viewed by devices that does not support adhoc networks (Android...)
  • Use of selective display in the wifi settings menu to allow for the new mode "Creating network" to appear only if attached wifi dongle support it (driver point of view)
  • Correct bug in wifi strength display.

  • thttp and php programs recompiled to enable sqlite and json


release date 27/10/2014

  • GPS rounding fix
  • New green wait screen in walkaround mode
  • Battery percentage read workaround.
  • additional driver for new wifi dongles : in testing, does not affect use of previous dongles.


release date 24/10/2014

Timer capture: add an intermediate screen between hitting the capture button and reaching the countdown. A touch anywhere on that screen will start the actual capture.


release date 21/10/2014 [dev note: dev branch now merge back to master]

Base if V2.1.4 merged with V2.1.2 Added features:

  • Load new calibration file on camera. Old calibration files can still be loaded. If both old and new calibration files present on SD card, only new calibration file is proposed to be loaded.
  • github #196: If no license file is present, all features are available. If license file present, turn on/off features accordingly.
  • "Patch" word is used instead of "license" in the UI
  • github #193: fix extension search for license file and calibration file. License file must have extension .nctcl and calibration file .nctcf to be recognized by the camera. Bug was that it was only checking for sub-string nctcf/nctcl.
  • Change sets of licensing flags
  • github #194 and #176: Add a factory reset button which allows to delete user settings file.
  • server/client. Implement/fixes github #186 connection established flag, #173 disconnect answer. Fix bug processor hog for receiving connection request (add sleep), close getID sockets, rewrite send and receive code.
  • github #171: Display remote capture message on touchscreen
  • Bug fix: validate if user input IP/mask/router is valid before using it or saving it.


release date 06/10/2014 - internal release

Base is v.2.1.1, licensed features module enable From v.2.1.1

  • Add "model" field in Info page when a camera has a licence file installed
  • Correct bug to display Info Page when user select "No" to load calibration file.
  • add selective allowed time stamp differences by the driver. if exposure time is greater then 15s, allow up to 20ms delay between 2 images in the set, else allow only 6ms. (same bug fix as v2.1.2)


release date 03/10/2014 - Internal release only for Wifi testing

Base V.2.1.1 + Wifi driver 8192cu.ko as a loadable module.


release date 02/10/2014

Skip 2.1.1 features. So base is v.2.1.0, with the following fixes:

  • fix bug of improper initialisation of exposure value used when generating thumbnail.
  • add selective allowed time stamp differences by the driver. if exposure time is greater then 15s, allow up to 20ms delay between 2 images in the set, else allow only 6ms.


release date 29/09/2014 - internal release

  • Add functionality to use a licence file on the camera:
  • Possibility to load a licence file from the iSTAR information menu. Licence file is automatically detected if present on SD card.
  • If no licence file present, only features available for the lower licence are activated

  • Remove the record button from the interface for the moment.

  • Correct bug in Capture, actualise exposure value after auto exposure computation.


release date 19/09/2014

just v.2.0.11 renamed


release date 18/09/2014 - [dev note, still on dev branch]

  • Correct frame rate in streaming from debugged exposure computation
  • Stripping problem corrected from bug in sensor configuration (number of lines + minimum blanking)
  • Update StatusCommand: fill in all the fields. Add extended gps information
  • Remove SD card formatting option in istarui


release date 03/09/2014 - [dev note : merged changes from master, still on branch work]

Difference from v.2.0.9:

  • Allow to lock gps data for indefinite time to allow taking pictures inside buildings
  • re-introduce fixes of v.2.0.7, namely back-compatibility with old thumbnail naming and correction of nuke function
  • Add some debug informations in the automatic error logging mechanism - it is still not self sufficient.
  • Add test if driver has crashed and if so, prompt the user to re-start -- only for Timer mode at the moment.
  • remove parallel thread for debugsvr class as not used anymore


release date 25/08/2014 - [dev note : based on 2.0.5]

  • Use of the new Raw file structures - including image flag for ERS fix.
  • Initialise all structures to zero github
  • Inclusion of all fixes for synchronisation issues - ERS fix alternating the order of reading images - use of the new driver to make sure set of 4 images with similar timestamps arrive to application
  • reduced sensor output frequency when streaming at full resolution - systematic experimentation did not show any benefit of it at other resolutions or in single mode
  • re-factoring of the code allowing to change parameters on the sensors while they are streaming, reducing the probability of sensors being re-started asynchronously
  • fix bug in filling raw file header while streaming, now writing the exposure time in ms as expected.
  • Introduction of a logging mechanism in a file for errors. There is only a very few numbers of errors at the moment. - Log file is created only when an "error" - more an identified exception - occurs in the code. At the moment, the main error that is logged is when polling the driver for images timed out without returning any data. - Log file is saved on the sd card when present. If not present, it is saved in /tmp directory until a sd card is inserted. - Log files are saved on sd card in directory iSTAR/logs - At most 5 logs are kept on the sd card. If already 5 logs are saved from previous sessions, the older one is deleted before creating the current one. They are named by the date of creation as YYYYMMDDHHMM_istar.nctdi. - log file are binary files and are readable using Mansour's encoder tool on google drive.


developper testing releases. Skip numbering


temporary release to test ERS fix 05/08/2014

  • Fix ERS-linked synchronisation issue - note: to be compatible with currently used immersive studio and streaming application, the camera takes in charge additional processing to place the images in the older order, ultimately the external applications will have to do it and not the camera.
  • Reduced sensor for streaming at full resolution. That's the same fix as 2.0.4, it is just that is has been remove for temporary version v2.0.5.
  • Back compatibility with thumb naming 1000.JPG and thumb-1.JPG: Both Review menu on camera and web pages can read and display images with old or new naming.
  • Review menu, delete images: Changed the underlying delete function. Should fix problem with crashing when deleting images from the review menu on USB/SD card.


Internal release on 30/07/2014

Quick fix of bug in web pages that read old thumb image name (1000.PNG) instead of new one (thumb-1.png). Based on v2.0.4.


Internal release on 25/07/2014

same as 2.0.4 but change is sensor frequency is not implemented (so effectively the same as 2.0.2 with no debug output hence fast frame rate).


Internal release on 25/07/2014

same as 2.0.2 with two changes: 1- No debug print to output (this increase frame rate to around 19-20 FPS on 1/8 of resolution). 2- Change sensor frequency to 62 only when we are streaming in full resolution (on other mode the sensor frequency is still 74 so there should not be any change to them).


Internal release on 15/07/2014

Internal release only for testing if the frequency decrease solves the sync issue. That is v2.0.2 but where

  • The output frequency of the sensors is slowed down from 74.5MHz to 62.1MHz (pre-pll_divider is 6 instead of 5)
  • The istar driver is changed to the new one V0.21 (old version is v0.20)


released on 14/07/2014

Changes from v.2.0.2:

  • General_settings: changed text "calibrate compass" to "calibrate tilt and compass"
  • calibrate Tilt and Compass added green arrow at the end of choices to indicate continuing menu
  • remove correction of -240degrees added to north value for github issue #136 as it is not coherent with UI value.
  • Change INF.TXT line //Firmware: vx.y.z with Firmware: x.y.z as of github #138 and add z info in raw file.
  • change green color for all ui text from #97f700 to #a8e227.
  • review_image_info.png added colon after Date de-indent image number. Align Bottom of image number with bottom of bin icon add beep when entering and living menu.
  • review.png replaced arrow images and put them at the same level left align image information - icon already right aligned.
  • settings_general_info.png replaced with proposed layout.
  • tilt_leveled.png changed with the given graphics.
  • timelapse_1_countdown.png reduce size of text and avoid it moving while counting down
  • timelapse_4_stop.png change background image with the one provided
  • all timer options modify background image with arrows provided
  • timer_move.png / walkaround_w5.png increase interline between "OK to move" and "iSTAR"
  • timer_option_time.png add space between number and sec/min
  • walkaround_setoptions.png change tilt icon with the one provided.
  • all walkaround screens put all text as bold.
  • calibrate_compass.png correct text
  • calibrate_tilt.png correct text


internal release only on 02/07/2014

Corrections from v2.0.0:

  • in capturing images, remove abort button when abort functionality not available
  • Add shortcut to Tilt screen in Walkaround Capture menu.
  • Text corrected in Walkaround capture screens.
  • Add a text sign in Status bar for displaying image format currently used (R/J)
  • Fixed audio in walkaround mode so that camera emits beeps while capturing
  • Thumbnail names changed from x000.jpg to thumb-x.jpg, x = 1,2,3,4
  • Adding a line //Walkaround mode in the INF.TXT file when image taken from walkaround mode
  • HDR 3. If middle exposure in HDR3 lead to having an out-of-range lower or upper exposure, the whole scale is shifted.
  • Wifi AP mode display correct ssid when coming back from the AP Network settings menu
  • keypad : 0 is now accessible in lower case.
  • Text in Tilt/compass screen is now black over the green background, left at grey over black background.
  • Change text in Timer menu, etc for exposure selected as Out, In, In EU In US, F.Out, F.In, F.In EU, F.In US, Man 1/8000
  • Add a 10ms delay when creating the tilt compass page to try and cope with reported crash
  • Web page remote capture display correct pre-selected white balance.
  • Web page does not propose PNG anymore

Server/Client corrections

  • github #158 - allow clients to access any subdirectory in /media
  • github #159 - server accepts connection from any origin
  • github #161 - don't crash if user requests a file that doesn't exist
  • added UUID of captured image to CaptureResponsePacket when capturing
  • github #160 - report camera state (capturing, streaming) during ping


Internal release only on 20/06/2014

New UI with following corrections compared to previous versions

  • On start-up, if date is not set (year earlier than 2014), the time date settings screen appears. When choosing to set date, if date is previous to 2014, counter start at year 14.

  • Tilt compass:

    • tilt moving target made white instead of grey
    • compass is a little less smoothed
    • A new menu as been added to allow to calibrate tilt sensor. It's along side the compass calibration.
  • New upgrade screen displayed. [Nota: I've removed all the old images from the upgrade, so if/when will give option to downgrade, the updade screen of the downgrade from versions previous to this one will be blac, displaying only updating software]

  • White balance settings display icons, RGB values only available in for custom and custom values are now remebered betwenn re-boots.

  • labels of Exposure option, when displayed from capture menu have been corrected.

  • During capture, no negative percentage displayed.

  • Abort button activated when capture fails in walk-around mode.

  • When capture fails due to not enough space on the media, the message is "Media Full!" and no longer "Capture Failed!"


Internal release only on 18/06/2014

Fix github 155, disabling RTC 32kHz output + new UI.


Internal release only on 16/06/2014

First release with complete new UI for internal testing.


Intermediate internal releases only while integrating the new UI


Internal release only on 01/06/2014

New web pages included. Still some fixes to do.


skipped number. Mixed up with intermediate release testing while developping web server.


Release date 01/05/2014

fix new server bug - was always sending connection rejected even if connection was accepted due to redefinition of variable.


Internal release only on 24/04/2014

  • Add ethernet connection as dhcp server. Now Ethernet and wifi connection have each 4 modes (disable, dhcp client, dhcp server, manual). - Workflow of Network.cpp changed to accommodate the new features. Each time a change is required to either ethernet or wifi, all network services (dhcpcd, dnsmasq, wpa_supplicant) are automatically stopped and re-started. - scan for wifi SSID will take 20s instead of 10s, this is to let enough time to allow stopping and restarting wpa_supplicant - fix github 54, 12, 81

  • format SD card fixed

  • New server running in background from the main application iSTAR. Functionalities: - send info package on request - accept a connection on request and correct identification Nota: the server does not yet have access to the capture parameters

  • github 126: user set Auto HDR, then goes to exposure settings and does not have the choice for manual exposure and vv user set manual exposure and cannot see auto HDR option anymore

  • github 149: - light type added to INF.TXT - auto HDR with fluorescent lights take multiple exposures irrespective to light type, multiple exposures being sufficient to compensate for the band effect - with fluorescent light and single or 3 HDR, exposure time is fixed at values 1/25th, 1/50th, 1/100th and iso automatically optimised.

  • re-introduce the ms information in the frameheader_t as int tv_sec and int tv_usec in istartypes.h that was not present in the github sources.


skipped numbering due to parallel development


Release date 14/04/2014

Fix Wifi issues appeared in V1.12.3. dnsmasq.conf file was not updated with the new wifi address network (10.15.1.x, and was giving old addresses (10.0.0.xx, causing crashes.


Release date 08/04/2014

V1.12.2 with the following fixes

  • manage with corrupted istar.props file
  • extend debugTxt buffer length in capture.cpp
  • githhub #136: north value is now north-240 in INF.TXT and raw file.


Release date 27/03/2014

Driver: 1.9.12 Linux kernel: 1.10.11 (compiled) Linux fs: 1.10.4 istar/istarui: 1.10.4 (compiled) moved to 1.10.11 state, minus record and SATA.


Driver: 1.9.12 Linux kernel: 1.10.11 (compiled) Linux fs 1.10.4 istar/istarui: 1.10.4


Release date: 26/03/2014

Driver: 1.9.12 Linux Kernel: 1.10.11 (compiled) minus SATA, NTFS, EXT3 Linux fs: 1.10.4 istar/istarui: 1.10.4


Release date 19/03/2014

istar and istarui application as of V1.10.11 and camdriver V0.20 (as in V1.9.11).


Release date 18/03/2014

Add ms image timestamp in raw format frame header as a struct timeval tv.


Release Date: 13/03/2014

Band removal when scene is illuminated by fluorescent light: Add an option to choose the type of lights and modify auto-exposure algorithm by fixing the shutter speed to multiple of light cycle frequency and searching for an optimal iso.

Streaming mode: add a sleep condition of 10usec when an image is not available before re-trying.

Power indicator: Change thresholds for low battery display from 10% left. Change thresholds for automatic shutdown if low battery (10% left for alert, 5% left for shutdown). Fix display when external power in.


Release Date: 06/03/2014

Streaming mode: Increase timeout value from 10 to 1000.


Release Date: 03/03/2014

Change file extension from .html to .php for files in www folder

IP settings: take in charge if one of the field is left blank

Change order of preference media saving to USB > SATA > SD

Ethernet cable is recognized even if not plugged at boot time.

UI: remove buttons "capture size: Full", "Mode: Live record" and "Format SD"

Ethernet PHY driver changed from default to Lantiq


Release Date: 17/02/2014

Compiled from scratch upgrade duplicate of v1.10.6

Hot plug-in of USB fixed.

Remove code that allows upgrade form USB.


Release Date: 31/01/2014


SATA support, system and UI changes to support SATA if fitted.

UI Changes for Timelapse and Record features making it simpler to enable and disable these features, the icons arrange depending on how many and what features are enabled. Current all features are enabled.

Git hub issues resolved


129/141 - Info button, resized and moved

132 - Format SD card

133 - Wifi Adhoc mode name changed to include either last 4 digits of serial number or Wifi MAC

134 - SATA Support

138 - Firmware version number uncommented in INF.TXT and reduced to only show two digits

Git hub issues tested on V1.10.6, waiting further information under git hub

131 - Reported on V1.9.12 Wifi AP mode Unable to enter more than 8 character passwords,

136 - Compass offset of 240, tested on my unit and iSTAR and iPhone compass matched


Release Date: 17/01/2014

SATA & NTFS support added to Kernel

Kernel tested on evm, mounted and read from NTFS SATA drive

RECORD mode added

Changes regarding THUMB and INF.TXT are required and will be included in V1.10.6 UI Interface changes also need to be discussed


Release Date: 15/01/2014

PHP configuration changed to support css,

HTML and CSS files need to me non executable otherwise thttpd will not serve them


Release Date: 13/01/2014

Update to thttpd to support css


Release Date: 08/01/2014

Kernel changes - USB DMA mode disabled, causing problem with adhoc mode

V1.10.1 Development

Release Date: 07/01/2014

Shell (Busy box) - Added busybox ftpd, httd, dnsd and inetd Enabled ftp


Release Date: 06/01/2014

Kernel changes - USB DMA mode enabled, printk timestamps turned off

Driver - Updated istar.ko driver from MEV


Release Date: 19/12/2013

Update release for testing

Include thttpd and php servers for web interface. Modified the debug server to provide fifo/file interface between the web and the iSTAR application. Changes also in the capture application to provide status information to the web interface.

Wifi changes, changed when and how the wifi setting update to avoid unnecessary reconfiguring. For Adhoc connections DNSMASQ configuration changed to provide net mask


Release Date: 16/12/2013

Re release of version V1.9.10 as this was modified during testing, update to the version number to ensure upgrades okay and everything is fixed.


Release Date: 11/12/2013

Bug Fix - Incorrect Jpeg filenames, were date-time.jpg should be sensor-image.jpg (PNG files changed also)


Release Date: 29/11/2013

Bug Fix - Tilt and Compass locking up.

Streaming - Ethernet Timeout when streaming reduced to 10s. Additional check missing 10 consecutive images will also end streaming.


Release Date: 20/11/2013

Mode 3 Streaming, Remove 16 Byte Image header from the Raw data.


Release Date: 08/11/2013

Mode 3 Streaming added, steamed data as NCTRI RAW images.


Release Date: 01/11/2013

Bug Fixes: JPEG Exif Data - Altitude was not being written correctly

Issue #104 - When empty USB/SD is inserted the display will show 100% Free not Full as before.

Issue #98 - Storage space check, the check is no longer done at 2%, it is now done by comparing the free space with approximate sizes images being taken ( JPEG, RAW, PNG ) and number of exposures ( 1, 3 or 9 For Full HDR )

Changes: INF.TXT - Extended GPS/Calibration data written to file as requested, Serial number added as well.


Release Date: 29/10/2013

BUG Fixes

Fixed - Extended GPS data written to inf.txt file, data is now written as comments //, GPS message data will only be written if received.

Fixed - SD/USB device Full message shown when empty - Display will now show 100% for an empty SD/USB device, indicating the space remaining.

Tidy up

Removal of unwanted console printf messages, from debugging


Release Date: 23/10/2013


Fixed bug in 1.9.3 causing istar application to crash, removed debug.


Release Date: 18/10/2013

Release for demo only, due to known bug

GPS - Added messaging support for PC application,

KNOW BUG - Additional message causes application to crash, adding debug messages masks this problem.


Release Date: 07/10/2013

GPS - Added parsing of additional sentences, to obtain heading information, sentences parses now include



Release Date: 02/10/2013

Capture - Streaming Mode 2 added, which allows fixed frame rate. In this mode the application will stream frames at a fixed rate.

Web interface - Problem found with new iOS7, fix added, may also fixed the problem seen with Android browser.


Release Date: 23/09/2013

ISO - Replaced ISO to Gain calculation with new one based on spread sheet received from Aptina

Exposure - Because of the ISO fix the indoor/outdoor +/-1ev adjustment is no longer necessary, this has been removed from the application.

Capture - Warning beeps during capturing of images, beeps will sound approximately every 1/2S during capture

Calibration - Ability to load a "calibration" file onto the system. The file are loaded from the settings information page, the file is iSTAR specific and the application verifies the MAC addresses of the LAN and WiFi to match. Further information such as serial number is also included, and a version number for future use.


Release Date: 09/09/2013

Timelapse, change to folder/filename format Replace "Never" power off option in settings


Release Date: 06/06/2013

Bug - Number of exposure is incorrect when ev range is 14, bug in HDR exposure table


Release Date: 06/06/2013

New release with previous changes.


Release Date: 05/09/2013

Improvement of HDR ev range measurement to allow dark to also be exposed correctly.


Release Date: 04/09/2013

New function to measure exposure when doing HDR Auto to increase the range.


Release Date: 03/9/2013

  1. HDR Changes UI “Max” returned to “Auto” HDR Algorithm replaced with Table

  2. Exposure UI Changes "Normal”,”Optimised” replaced with “Outdoors” and “Indoors”

  3. Capture Exposure compensation on single exposure, Outdoors +1ev, Indoors -1ev 1/3 Stops only used in Time-lapse mode.

  4. GPS Removed debug messages when opening UARTs as these are no longer necessary and fill up the debug screen.


GPS Fix problem when using external USB GPS Web interface Update Web interface for HDR/Exposure


Auto Exposure Fix problem with extended exposure table causing the camera not to do long exposures Long exposure Fix to calculation of sensor register settings when doing long exposures (>15s)


Time Lapse Exposure time 60, 90 & 120s added Additional exposure steps (1/3) when doing time lapse/ Auto HDR String "FNAME" replaced with or


INF File text Exposure mode The info text should be correct for Exposure Mode "Optimised","Normal","Front Optimised", "Front Normal","Manual"

Time Lapse: Auto exposure done for every capture iSTAR will not power down during Time-lapse Thumb nails are copied into the thumbs folder as well as the image folder. File names changed to make more readable. UI – Added buttons to abort and stop the time lapse, so it will end cleanly. Fixed for Jpeg and PNG


Time Lapse Add menu, settings and application to support time lapse record. Live Record Changed to support live record feature added to source code, disabled in build Password Root is now password protected


Release Date: 06/8/2013

  1. HDR user interface Change option “Single” to “Off”

  2. INF.TXT file Replace exposure modes HDR table change exposure values from ms to fractions of a second. Corrected Min/Max/ev step when using HDR 3 mode

  3. Other(s) Removed unnecessary debug messages from terminal output.


Release Date: 05/8/2013

  1. Supported exposure modes Optimised Normal Front Optimised Front Normal Manual

Normal – exposure is measured across the whole sensor, Optimised – exposure is measured across bottom half of sensor

  1. HDR settings Single HDR 3 HDR Max


Release Date: 23/7/2013

  1. INF.TXT Corrected exposure time value when using walk about mode

  2. Exposure measurement For testing added two new Exposure modes Auto Half – Exposure calculated across the bottom half Auto Mid – Exposure is calculated across the middle third


Release Date: 23/7/2013

ISO Changed ISO Setting values to limited range

HDR Changed HDR settings to off, 3.2 and Auto

Walk around mode Fix to bug where two images were under exposed


Release Date: 23/7/2013

  1. HDR Fix problem when taking images in near total darkness. Minimum exposure time was not being set

  2. Crash - Improvements, Moved the Unmapping of memory until after all images have been saved. Increased amount of memory available to CMEM for heap.


Release Date: 19/7/2013

  1. HDR Improvement to the range algorithm. UI Changes Settings “Exposures” to “HDR” and options “Off”, “Auto” added

  2. RAW When capturing a RAW image it will now save the JPEG review images and Thumbnail


Release Date: 12/7/2013

  1. Bug found in resulting in the driver not opening when capturing multiple images (Could not capture HDR images).


Release Date: 11/07/2013

  1. Compass display Filtering of compass to stop needle jitter.


Release Date: 10/07/2013

  1. Tilt/Compass Increase the delay between powering up and accessing the tilt/compass sensor


Release Date: 09/07/2013

  1. Code to power up Tilt/Compass sensor


Release Date: 08/07/2013

  1. Crash fix Kernel changed as known memory problem

  2. Crash improvment - Camdriver changed to try and prevent memory access crash

  3. PCIe driver - Potential bug - PCIe is being told there is 2GB on the system this could cause problems

  4. RAW Save enabled

V 1.7.3

Release Date: 25/06/2013

  1. Disabled RAW Save

  2. Auto white balance for each sensor, not average across them


  1. When doing HDR Calculate white balance for each exposure


  1. RAW Images Changes to the file header and image headers

V 1.7

Release Date: 14/06/2013

  1. Calculate WB before capturing each image set in HDR

  2. Calculate exposure time based on all four sensors, only front sensor and manual.

  3. Set the correct exposure time in menu.

  4. Set the correct ISO in menu

V 1.6.3

Release Date: 07/06/2013

  1. Live record - Test/Demonstration release

V 1.6

Release Date: 28-05-2013

  1. Customer Release

V 1.5.6

Release Date 15-05-2013

  1. Version number change only

V 1.5.5

Release Date: 15-05-2013

  1. Tilt and compass functionality added Compass view on main menu, Compass calibration under general settings

  2. Unable to capture HDR Images with > 5 exposures Memory allocation issue, not giving the kernel the full memory

  3. Software version display added to settings menu.

  4. Default Red setting reduced to 80%

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