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SDK Download v2.2.1 is now available

The latest version of the iSTAR SDK - v2.2.1 is available to download here:

hard-disc-drive-97581_640.pngDownload iSTAR SDK v2.2.1


NOTE: This version requires firmware v2.2.0+

hard-disc-drive-97581_640.pngDownload iSTAR Firmware v2.2.0


Version History

SDK 2.2.1

Released 16th April 2015
Requires firmware 2.2.0+

Fixed a bug where GPS UTC time was set incorrectly when streaming from live view or opening a .NCTRI  le. GPS Latitude and Longitude are now available as double rather than oat to provide access to the full accuracy of the GPS. Removed debugging info which was accidentally echoed to standard output in the previous few versions of SDK.

SDK 2.2.0

Released 23rd March 2015
Requires firmware 2.2.0+

Added commands to analyse scene for lighting levels and to trigger a capture instantly using previous scene analysis.

SDK 2.1.1

Released 8th December 2014
Requires firmware 2.1.7+

Improved le transfer reliability and simpli ed le transfer Sample code provided in SDK Demo App to copy les from camera to local PC lesystem Provided access to Ethernet and WiFi MAC addresses

New SimpleImageCapture() function which blocks until image has been captured, avoiding the need to write a CaptureProcessor for simple tasks.

SDK 2.1.0

Released 04/11/14
Requires firmware v2.1.7+

Several minor improvements and bug fixes:


  • iRecorder live view settings now accepts non-integer values for exposure time
  • reported live view frame rate more accurate
  • display camera status - ready, capturing, processing etc


  • files no longer listed as directories and vice versa
  • iicons embedded - no need for external icon file
  • tilt in Z axis added
  • extended GPS information added
  • only connect if firmware is high enough
  • access camera model name and licence features
  • new GetState() command to find state of camera


Released 20 October 2014
Requires firmware v2.0.10+

As 2.0.5 with two bug fixes:

  • images no longer mirrored / badly coloured when reading from NCTRI file
  • removed 1px vertical stripe on image during high resolution streaming

SDK 2.0.5

Released 17th September 2014
Requires firmware 2.0.10+

Now provides control over all main camera features:

  • control all camera settings
  • access all status information
  • capture images
  • copy captured images and other files from camera
  • browse and delete files on camera
  • view/record live video streams

Greatly simplified architecture allows clearer coding style.
Should work with any recent C++ Windows compiler - tested with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

SDK 1.4

Released 30th April 2014
Requires firmware 1.12.6+

  • Added GetSerialNumber() and GetFirmwareVersion() to allow finding basic information about a connected iSTAR.
  • Added Ping() to allow detecting iSTAR cameras on the network.
  • Fixed bug where Connect() returns true whether connection has succeeded or not.

SDK 1.3

Released 24th April 2014
Requires firmware 1.12.5+

  • Added GetSystemTime() and SetSystemTime() to allow reading and setting the iSTAR
  • on-board clock.
  • Fixed bug where stripe appeared in image at low exposure times and low resolutions.

SDK 1.2

Released 18th March 2014
Requires firmware 1.10.11+

  • Added GetMilliseconds() function to iStarFrame to increase timestamp accuracy to millisecond
  • resolution. (Will return random data on firmware older than 1.10.11!)

SDK 1.1

Released 5th March 2014
Requires firmware 1.9.11+

  • Added functionality to read .nctri (NCTech Raw Image) files and extract raw image data and
  • common parameters such as time, ISO, exposure time, compass heading, GPS location.
  • Functions now generally take string parameters in the form const char * rather than
  • std::string - this is part of ongoing work to support a wider range of compilers and enable
  • dynamic linking to iSTAR.dll. Simply replace function(mystring) with
  • function(mystring.c_str()) where necessary.
  • Supports using the Debug C++ Runtime Library (/MDd) during debug builds.

SDK 1.0

Released 17th November 2013
Requires firmware 1.9.8+

  • Initial Beta Release.
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