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SDK Version 1.4 - iSTAR Firmware Requirement

If you've downloaded our new SDK release, version 1.4, please be aware that you MUST use iSTAR firmware version 1.12.6 which can be found here:
If you happen to be using a version of firmware which is later than 1.12.6, you will need to perform a low level flash and then upgrade to 1.12.6 to ensure compatibility with SDK version 1.4. 

 To do this:

Please download and extract this version of the v1.7.8 firmware:

This will perform a low level update of the firmware to v.1.7.8 - please make sure you copy all the files in the zip to the SD card and these are the only files on the card.

Insert the SD card and start the unit as normal - allow about 3-5 minutes after the unit boots before the update kicks in. After it resets the firmware to v1.7.8 the unit will shut itself down.

Please upgrade to 1.12.6 once this is done, place the file onto a blank SD card, insert into iSTAR and power on and leave for around 3-5 minutes in the same manner as before: 

It is important to note that if you are using version 1.2 of the SDK, you are able to use any version of firmware. We are scheduled to release version 2.0 of our SDK at the end of September which will be compatible with any version of firmware, and will contain several new features and updates.

Below are the release notes for 1.4:

Released 30th April 2014 
Requires firmware 1.12.6+ 
Added GetSerialNumber() and GetFirmwareVersion() to allow finding basic information about a connected iSTAR. 
Added Ping() to allow detecting iSTAR cameras on the network. 
Fixed bug where Connect() returns true whether connection has succeeded or not.

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