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SDK Download v2.1.0 is now available!

The latest version of the iSTAR SDK - v2.1.0 is available to download here:

hard-disc-drive-97581_640.pngDownload iSTAR SDK v2.1.0


Version History

SDK 2.1.0

Released 04/11/14
Requires firmware v2.1.7+

Several minor improvements and bug fixes:


  • iRecorder live view settings now accepts non-integer values for exposure time
  • reported live view frame rate more accurate
  • display camera status - ready, capturing, processing etc


  • files no longer listed as directories and vice versa
  • iicons embedded - no need for external icon file
  • tilt in Z axis added
  • extended GPS information added
  • only connect if firmware is high enough
  • access camera model name and licence features
  • new GetState() command to find state of camera


Released 20 October 2014
Requires firmware v2.0.10+

As 2.0.5 with two bug fixes:

  • images no longer mirrored / badly coloured when reading from NCTRI file
  • removed 1px vertical stripe on image during high resolution streaming

SDK 2.0.5

Released 17th September 2014
Requires firmware 2.0.10+

Now provides control over all main camera features:

  • control all camera settings
  • access all status information
  • capture images
  • copy captured images and other files from camera
  • browse and delete files on camera
  • view/record live video streams

Greatly simplified architecture allows clearer coding style.
Should work with any recent C++ Windows compiler - tested with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

SDK 1.4

Released 30th April 2014
Requires firmware 1.12.6+

  • Added GetSerialNumber() and GetFirmwareVersion() to allow finding basic information about a connected iSTAR.
  • Added Ping() to allow detecting iSTAR cameras on the network.
  • Fixed bug where Connect() returns true whether connection has succeeded or not.

SDK 1.3

Released 24th April 2014
Requires firmware 1.12.5+

  • Added GetSystemTime() and SetSystemTime() to allow reading and setting the iSTAR
  • on-board clock.
  • Fixed bug where stripe appeared in image at low exposure times and low resolutions.

SDK 1.2

Released 18th March 2014
Requires firmware 1.10.11+

  • Added GetMilliseconds() function to iStarFrame to increase timestamp accuracy to millisecond
  • resolution. (Will return random data on firmware older than 1.10.11!)

SDK 1.1

Released 5th March 2014
Requires firmware 1.9.11+

  • Added functionality to read .nctri (NCTech Raw Image) files and extract raw image data and
  • common parameters such as time, ISO, exposure time, compass heading, GPS location.
  • Functions now generally take string parameters in the form const char * rather than
  • std::string - this is part of ongoing work to support a wider range of compilers and enable
  • dynamic linking to iSTAR.dll. Simply replace function(mystring) with
  • function(mystring.c_str()) where necessary.
  • Supports using the Debug C++ Runtime Library (/MDd) during debug builds.

SDK 1.0

Released 17th November 2013
Requires firmware 1.9.8+

  • Initial Beta Release.
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  • Avatar
    Anthony Bézier


    I have done some tests on the new firmware and the new SDK.

    Some feedbacks:

    1- The card is not detect after the firmware update, you have to re-insert it.

    2- I don't understand why CaptureImage method is not a blocking call. Because in your SDKDemoProject the live stream is launch before the end of the CaptureImage. If I comment the CaptureImage call, the live stream work. If not, I sometimes get a correct image from the CaptureImage call and more often a infinite loop because the FrameCount never raises to 200 and the camera seems to not answer...

    3- The HDR capture is still not stable. I can't attach the dirty image but I get a big granularity on the picture...

    4- I found some good improvments:

    - The firmware seems to be more stable and I get less issues than previously

    - The SDK seems to be more complete, especially with the new message logger. Is it possible to get back this messages to display in a custom UI instead of a console?

  • Avatar
    Anthony Bézier

    After few more tests, instead of blocking call, I thing the CaptureImage call must be done in another thread to be enable to give answer on the UI in parallel of the main thread. Indeed, even if I comment the live stream part of your sample, the main thread block at the cin.get() call and I never get answers from MyCaptureProcessor methods.

  • Avatar
    Anthony Bézier

    Sorry... I talked too fast: after 3mn53s, I get the capture complete messages.

    It seems to me a little bit too long, even in HDR Auto mode.My settings:








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