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Charging the Battery

This article describes how to insert and charge the battery using the supplied wall charger

How to insert the battery

Open the battery cover, insert the battery fully and then close the battery cover.

How to insert the battery

You may need to apply pressure to the battery cover catch to ensure you hear and feel a "click".

How to charge the battery

Charge the battery by connecting the camera to the wall charger and plugging the wall charger into a suitable wall socket.

The battery will take around 3 hours to charge from a depleted state. You can charge the battery regardless of the position of the on/off switch.

How to charge the battery

Using a wall charger other than that supplied can damage the battery.

The included lithium-ion battery comes partially charged. No damage occurs to the camera or battery if used prior to a full charge.

Battery Storage and Handling

For more battery information, see Battery Storage and Handling.

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  • Avatar
    John Galascione

    Easy to charge

  • Avatar
    neil henderson

    i found the door to the batter chamber wouldnt close when the label on the battery was folded over the end so had to double this back to get it to close - assuming thats the right way to do it?

  • Avatar
    Andrew Baddeley

    No - you should still be able to close the battery cover with the battery tab sitting down and over the end of the battery.

    Be careful if you bend the battery tab up and back over the upper side of the battery as this may crack and break off the battery tab.

    If then happens then use some adhesive tape to fashion a substitute battery tab so you can still remove the battery.

  • Avatar
    Manuel T. Ortega

    hi Andrew,
    re: plug… US outlet compatible prong?
    thank you.

  • Avatar
    Ming Fai Ma

    when the device is charging, is there any indicator on the device or in the web app?

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