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Preventing Serious Injury or Equipment Damage

General Safeguards

Follow these safeguards and use the equipment properly to prevent injury, and material damage. To prevent fire, excessive heat, chemical leakage, and explosions, follow the safeguards below:

  • Do not connect any other device such as an external hard disk drive to the USB port of iSTAR. This may result in excessive power draw from iSTAR and cause malfunction, the screen to ‘white out’ or damage to electronics. The USB port should only be used with memory sticks and accessories approved by NCTech Ltd.
  • Do not use any batteries, power sources, and accessories that are not specified in this Manual. Do not use any homemade or modified batteries.
  • Do not short-circuit, disassemble, or modify the battery pack or back-up battery; do not apply heat or apply solder to the battery pack or back-up battery; do not expose the battery pack or back-up battery to fire or water; and do not subject the battery pack or back-up battery to strong physical shock
  • When disposing of a battery pack or back-up battery, insulate the electrical contacts with tape to prevent contact with other metallic objects or batteries. This is to prevent fire or an explosion.
  • If excessive heat, smoke, or fumes are emitted during battery pack charging, immediately unplug the battery charger from the power outlet to stop the charging and prevent a fire
  • If the battery pack or back-up battery leaks, changes colour, deforms, or emits smoke or fumes, remove it immediately. Be careful not to get burned in the process.
  • Before storing the camera or accessory when not in use, remove the battery pack and disconnect the power plug. This is to prevent electrical shock, heat generation, or fire.
  • Do not use the equipment when there is a flammable gas nearby. This is to prevent an explosion or fire.
  • If you drop the equipment and the casing breaks open to expose the internal parts, do not touch them due to the possibility of electrical shock.
  • Do not disassemble or modify the equipment. High-voltage internal parts can cause electrical shock.
  • Before using the camera inside an airplane or hospital, check first that it is allowed. Electromagnetic waves emitted by the camera may interfere with the plane’s instruments or the hospital’s medical equipment.
Fire and Electrical Shock Safeguards

To prevent fire and electrical shock, follow the safeguards below:

  • Always insert the power plug all the way in.
  • Do not handle a power plug with wet hands.
  • When unplugging a power plug, grasp and pull the plug instead of the cord.
  • Do not scratch, cut, or excessively bend the cord or put a heavy object on the cord.
  • Do not connect too many power plugs to the same power outlet.
  • Do not use a cord whose insulation has been damaged.
  • Do not cover or wrap iSTAR, nor the battery with a cloth. Doing so may trap heat within iSTAR (or the battery) and cause the casing to deform or catch fire.
  • Do not use or leave the battery pack or back-up battery in a hot environment. Doing so may cause battery leakage or a shorter battery life. The battery pack or back-up battery can also become hot and cause skin burns.
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