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Capturing an image

How to capture an image

From the Start Menu, press the Capture icon to navigate to the Capture/View Screen. You can capture a panoramic image via three methods:

  • Delay Capture
  • TimeLapse
  • Walk Around Mode
How to capture an image

Delay Capture

To capture an image using the capture delay timer, press the Delay icon. This will start the delay capture countdown allowing you to remove yourself from the scene and out of the image. (The delay time can be changed in the settings menu.) During the countdown there is an audible tone and the live panoramic view from the camera will be shown onscreen.

Time Lapse

To capture an image using the TimeLapse function, press the Timelapse icon to start the countdown timer. To stop the capture press the “Stop” button. Images will be captured at the time interval specified within the Settings > Capture > TimeLapse screen. See Section 9 Settings: Capture for instructions on how to set the interval.

Time Lapse

Walk Around Mode

Capturing in “Walk Around Mode” allows you to capture an image in two steps. This allows you to “walk around” the camera to avoid being in the image.

  • To capture in this mode, press the Walkaround icon and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Tap one arrow, then stand away at that corner of iSTAR. Within 5 seconds you will capture half the panorama. Press abort to return to the “Capture” screen.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and position yourself on the other side of the camera to capture the other half of the panorama.

Once the panorama has been captured, iSTAR will begin to process the image/sand save them to the SD Card or USB stick. Whilst processing, it is safe to move the camera to the next location or to remove it from a tripod or monopod.

IMPORTANT: whilst processing please do not switch off the camera, remove the battery, or power supply as this will result in your images being lost. The processing percentage time will be displayed on screen. Once this is complete, the screen will automatically display the “Image Review” screen. (For information, see Image Review).

Capture distance

The optimal capturing distance from iSTAR is from 1 metres to infinity. You can capture images closer than 1 metre, however, this may result in parallax errors where objects are cropped or may have ghosting.

Capture time

Assuming you are capturing a single exposure panorama in a reasonably well lit environment, the time to capture is approximately 4 seconds. Once the panorama has been captured, iSTAR then processes the 4 source images and saves to the SD card or USB stick, whichever is being used. The time to save will depend on where you are saving the file, for example if it’s to the internal SD card then processing time will be around 30-60 seconds.

Live View Mode

Live View Mode provides a live immersive view of the scene from the camera. Press the Liveview icon and use your finger to rotate the image. Pressing the back arrow at the top left corner of the screen will return you to the “Capture/View” screen. The “Live View” is not a stitched image; the images have been blended together.

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