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How can I capture the panoramic image without being in the shot myself?

There are currently 3 options for this:

  1. Use the 50/50 Capture Mode.  This captures the images in two shots using only two lenses at a time and then automatically blends them together.  This allows you to position yourself behind the lenses that are not capturing and then walk around the iris360 to capture the second image.
  2. Use the "Timer" Capture Mode, and specify sufficient time for you to leave the scene before the image is captured.
  3. Trigger the camera from a distance using our Android/iOS mobile app.
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    Ming Fai Ma

    50/50 mode is available already. You may update the answer.

    I use the fourth option - hide "underneath" a tripod. :-)

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    Followed the instructions but I am still in lots of the images I just took in 101 degree weather in the local park. I am thinking that I need to be sitting in specific corners of the camera while always pointing the camera in a certain direction? How do I choose those corners? When I clicked on taking the shot I was exactly in the place I was instructed, yet I am still in the shot.. Could you enlarge a little on this subject? Thanks.

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    Andrew Baddeley

    There's full details on how to use the 50/50 mode here:

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