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Support Portal

NCTech is dedicated to providing the best possible customer support experience in Immersive Reality Imaging Systems.

To reach NCTech Customer Support, please visit

Note: Tickets will be answered between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday UK time and the average response time is 24 hours.

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    Alessandra Schimidt

    Hello! I'm Alessandra Da Silva Schmidt. On March 04 I received the news that my iris 360 would be sent in the coming days. On March 12, I received an email that the iris 360 production was in position 377. My position is in line 387 that is ... My iris would be sent in the coming days. Today I received an email that the position of production remains at 377! When it will be sent to iris 360 that I bought on October 30, 2015? I always get an information and is not fulfilled what is said. Hugs Alessandra da Silva Schmidt.

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    Andrew Baddeley

    Hi Alessandra,

    I believe we've already replied to you via email about your order shipping status?

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