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How to use ColourCloud

Main Screen

Once ColourCloud starts, you are presented with the main screen:


Required Files

ColourCloud needs the following files to be in each folder you wish to process:

  1. The source E57 file
  2. The associated iSTAR .nctri file
  3. The associated iSTAR .yml file

Here's a typical folder containing the data needed:


As you can see, there are three files in this example folder:

  1. 20140917-185347.nctri - This is the source iSTAR file
  2. NCT-IS10053.yml - This is the .yml file that is generated at the same time as the source iSTAR file
  3. Office - This is the source E57 scan data file

The source E57 file is produced by exporting to E57 format a single scan position from within your chosen point cloud editing application. The key point to remember when exporting your scan data to E57 is to include the black and white "intensity map" or "greyscale" in the E57 export. Here's an example of how to do this using FARO Scene: How to export to E57 from FARO Scene

Note: Please consult your own chosen point cloud software application for detailed instructions on how to do this.

There are two ways to import data into ColourCloud:

  1. Use the "Browse" button to locate the folder containing data you wish to process
  2. Drag and drop a folder containing data you wish to process onto the Colourcloud application window.

Once you've selected the folder you wish to process it's pathname will appear at the top of the ColourCloud main screen:

Processing Data

Simply click the "Process" button to process the data.

As ColourCloud starts to process the data, you will see the lower progress bar turn green and there is a progress text log showing what is happening.

The time to process depends on a number of factors:

  • Size of source scan E57 file
  • Exposure mode of source iSTAR data, i.e. HDR Off, HDR 3 or HDR Auto
  • CPU and Memory of PC


Once the processing has finished, ColourCloud will ask if you wish to clear the message window.

Click "Yes" to clear the window in order to process a new folder. Click "No" if you wish to first review the progress text log.

Completed Process

Open the folder you just processed.

You will see a number of additional files were created by ColourCloud. In our example folder we can see the following additional files:

  • CClog-20150208-101146 - This is a text file copy of the processing log for the folder
  • ColourCloud.nctdi - This is an error log for use by NCTech Support
  • Office-iSTAR - This is the new ColourCloud generated colourised E57 file
  • Office-iSTAR.png - This is a spherical panorama created by ColourCloud


Finished Data

You can now import the colourised E57 file into your chosen point cloud software application to see the iSTAR colourised point cloud:


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