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Connecting to the iris360™ App

The iris360™ IOS App lets you control your camera remotely using any IOS device. Features include full camera control, review, and settings.

How to connect using an IOS device

Select SETTINGS - Wi-Fi. Search for and select the iris360 device you wish to connect to.

How to connect using an IOS device

Enter Password

Enter the password (default is iris-360) and click on Join

Enter Password

Open App

After you are connected over wifi, open the App from your IOS device

Open Browser

App Interface

You will then be presented with the App home page

Web UI Interface


The IOS App allows you to capture images and control and change settings on your iris360 camera.

There are 6 main sections:

  1. Status Bar
  2. Main Capture Settings
  3. Capture Button
  4. Stitching Options
  5. GPS Options
  6. Page Options

These are described individually in the following chapters.

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  • Avatar
    Bhangra Ren

    Is there an Iris 360 for Android as cannot find one on the play store

  • Avatar
    Chris Syrnyk

    It was there when I bought the camera; now its gone... Looks like this camera cant work anymore with android?

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