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iris360 Firmware Update v1.2.8 - Dated 12/05/2016

We recommend that all users of iris360 consider upgrading to the latest firmware version

If you wish to use the SD Card for taking images, you should first delete the firmware file from the card before inserting it back into iris360

V1.2.8 Download Link

You can download the update here: V1.2.8 Firmware Update

Installation Instructions

Firmware updates are installed via the Settings page on the Web UI or IOS/Android Apps.

To update the firmware:

  1. Insert a microSD card containing the firmware update into the unit (ensure the update file is on the ROOT of the card)
  2. Using the App or the Web UI, go to the Settings Page
  3. Select the Firmware Update button
  4. Click Update
  5. Follow the prompts to update the firmware

The firmware will be updated and the unit will then auto power off.

Note: The update may take up to 10 mins to complete

Version History


release date 12/05/2016

  • Fixes some spelling mistakes, typos and capitalization issues on text in web UI.


internal only, issue date 11/05/2016

Bug fixing

  • Fix display of North point in info page (UI, use absolute path to exiftool)
  • display when GPS is locked as green.


internal only, issue date 10/05/2016

Bug fixing

  • Fix downloading of images from webUI, now download the stitched image or preview if no stitched image available
  • Fix bug on web UI not detecting SD card after using restore Default Settings
  • Fix display of North point in info page. (Firmware: add exiftool to the yocto system)


release date 06/05/2016

Bug fixing on UI

  • change the upload logo display
  • fixing degree sign in compass calibration
  • changing the word "plane" with "level" in the tilt calibration


release date 05/05/2016

New Features

  • New selection mechanism of images for delete and batch process
  • New walkaround (50/50) capture mode
  • Improved support for compatibility with apps
  • Improved responsive design of the web pages. Improve coding of the web pages to pass all via osc calls.
  • New reduced-size OS based on yocto build (in firmware code, that implies change of communication in server from msgpack to json, change of media management).
  • New upgrade mechanism with dual boot in place. New intermediate level upgrade (u-boot from eMMC, linux boot from SD card).
  • Add possibility to choose to save to eMMC or SD card (this feature is coded but as not been made available via UI for users for now)

Bug fixes

  • on board batch stitching only stitches at resolution 8Kx4K
  • reset the LEDs to blue after a SD card is inserted if they had turned red previously if trying to capture with no SD card in.
  • Prevent use of expo manual when selecting HDR auto
  • Prevent crash in batch stitching if a folder is missing the .nctri file (Output folder created by immersive studio for example)
  • Add messaging "Please check SD card" if capture fails
  • Fix bug that resize preview image to thumbnail size for raw capture
  • Fix spelling mistakes (cancelling batch processing, integer exposures display in info page, capitalization)
  • Unify computation of remaining image space so UI feedback is computed the same way as check before capture
  • Set wifi password empty string treated as a reset to default request (firmware, UI send request to set as the default password value now too). Avoid creation of a blank password that results in wifi not starting.
  • Fix for initial memory leak in multiple stitching processing.

Debug infos

  • logs/yyyymmdd-hhmmss-iris360.nctdi: adds info for problem identification (red LED at start up caused by not enough sensors connected, log lsusb and dmesg error to id if it's hardware)


release date 02/03/2016

New features

  • Assisted GPS: enable the use of user's phone GPS instead of camera inside GPS


release date 25/01/2016

  • change timing of failure in starting sensor to real time instead of number of loops (as was buggy and could lead to waiting 4h+)


release date January 2016

  • Change FreezeVideo to CaptureVideo to work with USB3 driver


release date 17/12/2015


  • image quality: same improvements as NCTechPictureprocessing V 1.4 + improved sharpness

Bug fixes *Fix the reordering issue cause by registry index error in sync fix


release date 14/12/2015

New Features

  • Orientation fix.
  • Tilt/compass values displayed in their own pop-up *


  • image quality: same improvements as NCTechPictureprocessing V 1.4
  • When camera is not calibrated, use a generic calibration instead of the basic one so images can be stitched with errors
  • Correct progress percent in osc to try avoid coming at 100% before state done is achieved.

bug fixes

  • put sensors in sync
  • Do not try to stitch more than 5 images
  • avoid crashing when reading calibration file launches an exception
  • Do not try to read i2c bus when bus is looking "hanged", except for battery monitoring by iris program, until bus recovers by itself.
  • separate status packets in do not require connection to i2c / battery / tilt compass.
  • do not use tilt compass to build fingerprint in osc
  • making packets in SDK back compatible.
  • Correct the ueye daemon restart routine when no sensors can be detected


release date 9/11/2015

  • Correct the ueye daemon restart routine when no sensors can be detected

V.1.0.4, V.1.0.3, V.1.0.2, V.1.0.1

release date 23/10/2015


  • Add MAC addresses to the inf.nctdi file.

Bug fixes

  • add mutex in SDK to assure that a command has been fully sent before allowing to close the connection and opening a new one
  • Make front camera the reference for North
  • do not use FAST_TRIG option


release date 16/10/2015

  • check new extension of upgrade files.


release date 16/10/2015

  • add data to the error log file, clean unecessary data from it
  • change upgrade file extension to .nctiris360uf
  • change to full blending
  • fix wifi reset password
  • disable auto power off when upgrading
  • change progress time for osc
  • set default values
  • change name of preview jpg image to YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS-preview.jpg
  • correct info displayed in inf.nctdi file
  • Help page populated, Styled exif information and camera info.
  • make pop-up blocking when needed and add an ok button when they are informative and should not block.
  • change sound options to low-medium-high, add degree sign to php pages on compass heading, roll and pitch
  • remove black pop-up messages
  • selecting hdr + will set savefile type to _nctri
  • displaying image type next to photos remaining

V.0.0.2, V.0.0.3, V.0.0.4

release date 08/10/2015

  • New functionalities available via web UI : Calibrate camera, Calibrate Tilt, Calibrate Compass, Stitch All, Speaker volume, show in help page if camera/tilt/compass is not calibrated
  • Fix meter gauge detecting SD card removed, remember timer setting, remove iso 0 and 50, add feedback when stitching one image, add the red capture button while sensors initializing-capturing-processing-error,
  • If a camera is not calibrated, use a default calibration to allow to see stitched raw previews (stitched images are black)
  • Fix Leds pattern during walk timer
  • Flash green led each time capture button is pressed
  • Beep pulsing faster in Capture stage (every 1/2s) than walktimer (every s)
  • add metadata in preview image
  • change file names: -stitched suffix removed and -tumbnail replace by preview
  • fix auto power off when battery is low
  • Add cameraType field to raw files
  • authorize access to web UI when sensors are not started properly
  • upgrade kernel


release date 02/10/2015

  • remove log_bootcycle.txt file. Now logs/*.nctdi file will be created and indicate if camera has not been shut down properly in the case sensors are not started properly.
  • LEDs turn yellow when shutting down camera
  • Wifi naming part 1: The Wifi is named after the last 4 digits of the wlan MAC address. (Beware of a bug, camera needs to be restarted for wifi to change name)


release date 30/09/2015

  • initial version
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