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When will Google start accepting Google Trusted Photographer applications again?

We have just received this quote from Charles Armstrong, Google Street View Product Manager:

"Introduction of the program changes has been slightly delayed but we're still aiming to launch the new policies and associated features by mid-July. Google will be sending out an email to anyone who enrolled during this break with all the details of new policies and features and as previously mentioned, any 360 photos published before the new policies are introduced will be counted towards trusted certification."

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    Shafiq Khan

    There's been an update today. Just received the following from Google.

    Thank you again for your interest in Street View trusted and for your patience as we update the program!

    As you may have already heard, once you’ve published 50 Google Maps-approved 360 photos via the Street View app, including photos published before today, you will be invited to be listed as a for-hire trusted pro within the Street View app. Your trusted status will remain valid for as long as you’d like to remain recognized and promoted as a trusted pro. Benefits include:
    - use of the trusted brand assets,
    - listing in the trusted contributors index, (currently, on our public Street View website),
    - eligibility for invitation to our annual summit, leads from local businesses who request 360 photos(expanding soon to new countries), and
    a digital badge that distinguishes your published work and profile throughout the Street View app.

    You no longer need to apply to get the trusted status, just start shooting using the Street View app, and we’ll notify you directly when you are eligible to receive the trusted badge and take advantage of the benefits.

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    Andrew Baddeley

    Sounds like good news!

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