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What HDR options does iSTAR have, and what do they do?

Assuming that the iSTAR device in question is running the latest firmware (currently v2.3.10), this is dependent on the license loaded to it.  Units with a Fusion or Pulsar license can capture with HDR Off, HDR On, or HDR Pro, whereas units with a Fusion Lite license loaded have HDR Off and HDR On only.

HDR Off captures a single exposure only.  Users may find it difficult to accurately capture scenes with HDR Off, over or under exposed sections are likely.
HDR On takes 5 exposures, with a typical ev separation of -4, -3, -2, 0, +2
HDR Pro analyses the dynamic range in the scene and takes up to 9 exposures with up to 3 ev separation to cover the entire dynamic range in the scene.
The time to capture and write to removeable storage increases along with the number of exposures, when using HDR Pro this can take a number of minutes due to the additional analysis performed by iSTAR.
iSTAR's HDR modes are fully automatic in that it isn't possible to manually adjust the exposure times.  However, when capturing with HDR On, a user may set the unit to capture using a manual exposure time, in which case you can define at what shutter speed you want the -0ev to be. The remaining exposures will then be captured around that locked shutter speed.
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