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Why am I seeing stitching errors in my iris360 images?

Any panoramic imaging device where the lenses are situated forward of the No Parallax Point (NPP) will experience variance in stitched images depending on the objects in the scene, this includes iris360.  It is in fact impossible to get a 100% error free stitch every time with such a device, as the data captured by each sensor does not precisely fit that captured by the neighbouring sensors.

It is usually possible however to minimise stitching errors in iris360 images by doing the following:

  • Try to allow at least 1 meter of clearance (preferably 1.5) whenever capturing, if possible locate the device in open space.
  • If you have to capture in tight proximity, try to align your device so that the lenses are pointing at the closer objects/surfaces, this way the seams where the images are stitched are pointing away from close objects.
  • Use a tripod with the legs extended just enough to provide adequate stablility, don't have them splayed out further than is necessary.  Also, aim to have the device marginally above the vertical centre point of the room.
  • For scenes where capturing in tight proximity is unavoidable, consider using Immersive Studio to extract the source images from the raw .nctri file, and then stitching these in 3rd party software such as PTGui.  Since this application allow users to manually set their own control points for stitching, it can result in a better overall stitch.  Further information on doing this can be found in this article.
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