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When attempting to stitch iSTAR Fusion images I get an error message, how do I fix this?

If you see the below error message while attempting to stitch iSTAR images in Immersive Studio...

...then the issue is almost certainly related to the calibration of your iSTAR device.

Our calibration processes changed significantly in late 2014, if your unit has not been physically calibrated by us since then, you will be unable to use Immersive Studio releases subsequent to then without re-calibration taking place.

You can check this by capturing an image and looking at the data in the accompanying inf.txt file output by the unit - in a unit that has been calibrated using the new process, the data will consist entirely of zeros as shown below, if your file shows than this then the unit was calibrated using the old process:

If this is the case and your unit is using old calibration data, it will have to be returned to us for re-calibration before it can be used with newer versions of Immersive Studio - as this issue only exists with very old units, this service constitutes out of warranty service.  Please raise a support ticket if you would like to arrange or discuss this.

If the issue does not appear to be related to calibration, please see "Immersive Studio Is Crashing, How Do I Address This?" which may assist further, or feel free to raise a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

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