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ISTAR 360 mounted on vehicle? - street photos


I´m looking for a 360 camera to make street photo. The camera needs to be mounted on a car and shoot 360 photos every 3-5 second while the car is driving normal "city"-speed.

Is the ISTAR suitable for this assignment?

- What version of ISTAR (FUSHION, PULSAR etc.) is suited for this assigment?

- Is the time lapse function suited to take photos with and 3-5 second interval?

- Is the quality alright when taking photos while in movement?

Thank you!

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Hi Emil,

Yes it's possible to use iSTAR for that assignment. You would need iSTAR Pulsar.

No, the time lapse function is not suitable as it needs about 12-15 secs per interval.

The quality will be alright as long as you select a high ISO to ensure a fast enough shutter speed to freeze any movement.

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