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LASiris VR - Latest Updates

All information on LASiris VR that we have released thus far is located on this page.

NCTech will monitor this topic and provide any further answers that we can, but at present these may be limited - if your question is not answered, we simply do not have an answer to provide as yet.

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To get us started, here are the most common questions that we are being asked:


Q: When will LASiris VR be available for pre-order/shipping?

A: We cannot provide any specific dates at the moment, the product remains in development currently.  As more information becomes available, we will update our material so that everyone is kept informed.


Q: Is there any sample LASiris VR material available for review?

A: No, not yet.  Again, when this is available, we will be sure to let everyone know.

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Hi Duncan, good question.

I see that you also raised a support ticket and that my colleague Andrew has responded.

For the benefit of any other users looking in though, I can confirm that users won't have to use the cloud service, a standalone version of the software will also be available to users.

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