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A few questions/feature list

I just have a couple of questions:

Would it be possible to get the half and half shooting (2 cameras at a time) as soon as possible. Many of the jobs I go on it is not possible/advisable to leave the camera as you exit the scene and many of my clients request to have no people (including me) in the photos. So I'm sure that feature would be very important to the Google photographers straight from launch.

Is it possible to extend the shutter speed past 2 seconds?

As mentioned on another thread, time lapse would be awesome.

Would it be possible to link up the Iris360 to your colourcloud and cloudcreator software? I would love to look into photogrammetry using the Iris360.

Many thanks

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We are working to get the "Walk Around" mode added to the firmware as soon as possible.

I actually shot 106 images yesterday by hiding down under the camera by the tripod. Was actually the best solution as I was in a main public street so capturing 50/50 would have caused some issues on the stitching.

We've no plans at present to extend the shutter speed longer than 2 secs.

We've also no plans to add time lapse to iris360 nor to have it be compatible with ColourCloud. But you may want to look into PhotoScan from Aegisoft. We are getting great results with it from iSTAR.

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Ok cool, I'll try hiding below the tripod once I receive the camera.

Thanks for the other answers, I'll have a look at the Agisoft trial!

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