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Option for multiple (3) shots in quick succession

When shooting panoramas with the Sigma 4.5mm and Nikon DSLR for Corporate Entertainment venues ( I go round three times, mainly to enable me to "Mask" out ghosting and people moving about between exposures, but this also gives me the opportunity to select which images to use in the final panorama so I can eliminate embarrassing postures and poses of the guests.

To use the iSTAR in these environments I would like to be able to chose to take 3 sets of images in rapid succession (all with the same exposure values - not HDR) without having to wait for the images to be processed between shots, so that there are 3 very similar sets of images but enough time lapse for any embarrassing gestures or poses to be not used. 

To me the advantage of the iSTAR is that the camera can be set up and the exposures made very quickly so that it is not intrusive, as the guests have paid a lot to money to be there, but making more than one exposure from a set up and waiting for processing between them can become intrusive.  Also, there is likely to be a lot of movement by people between any two shots if there is a need to wait for processing between them.

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