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Possibility to edit and retouch panorama

In order to avoid false colourisation of the scans, we need to be able to retouch and edit the panoramas.

For example, when scanning a public site, often cars, people walking or other features taken by the camera but not the scan (or at a different time) involve a false colourisation of the point cloud.

The possibility to use photoshop or any tool that allows to fix such problems would be essential in the processing chain

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That's a good request but possibly a very difficult one to implement for a couple of reasons:

  1. ColourCloud (CC) at present requires the original .nctri RAW file from iSTAR. It doesn't use either the JPEG fisheyes or the stitched panorama (for obvious reasons)
  2. I don't think some of your examples where editing would be needed are really achievable, such editing people out of shots. To do this would take considerable Photoshop skills. Also you're going to have to do this on cube faces rather than on the fisheyes or spherical projection


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