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Can the Ricoh Theta S be used for Google Street View | Trusted?

A number of customers have been asking what is the difference between using an iris360, the Ricoh Theta S or a DSLR with regards to Google Street View.

Here's a very good summary explanation that was recently posted to the Google Street View | Trusted Group (thanks to Kevin Hardie):

  1. With a Theta S you can take panoramas and publish them onto Street View with the SV App.
  2. With an Iris360 you can take panoramas and publish them onto Street View wit the SV App or the SV Editor.
  3. With a suitable DSLR setup you can take photos and publish them onto Street View with the SV Editor.

With a range of setups you can take photos, use a suitable programme to stitch and publish to Street View with the SV App or SV Editor.

So all those options can create Street View.

BUT there are minimum dimensions and other requirements to meet the certification requirements for the Street View | Trusted program.

A, The Theta S cannot produce panos of at least 8000 by 4000 pixels, so images created with this will never count towards certification.
But if you don't care if a shoot will count towards certification requirements or are doing a shoot with less than 5 panos then why not use the Theta S if the quality isn't an issue and you don't need to produce a constellation.

B, C and D may count towards certification, if the requirements are met.

Here is another help page which clearly states that you need a DSLR or Iris360 to use the SV Editor.

And this one

These cameras work with the Street View app:

Ricoh Theta S:
* Portable and fast
* 6K HDR photo spheres
* 15–second processing

NCTech iris360:
* Approved for the Trusted program
* 8K HDR photo spheres
* 2–minute processing

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