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Best setting for ISTAR outdoors


I have been attempting to get a decent image from my ISTAR of a large outdoor scene, I have to say I am dissapointed with the results as they are grainy, moving objects (like flags) have a lot of motion blur and not to the standard I would expect. I am pretty sure that this is a settings/processing issue.

I have experimated with the ISO settings but alaways left the exposure set to Auto, the lighting conditions are perfect and compared with my DSLR the images are very poor.

Can anyone advise the best settings to achive the optimum results for an outdoor scene?



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If there's movement in the scene then if you select HDR On or HDR Pro then you will get ghosting on flags etc. This is a limitation of the HDR process and not restricted to iSTAR.

So for outdoor scenes that are well lit and that have movement I recommend ISO 100 with HDR Off.

You may wish to take a single shot with exposure set to Indoors (even though you are outdoors). You can then post process in Photoshop if needed.

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