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Matterport, anyone know much about them?

Hi All

Has anyone had experience of using Matterport's Virtual Tour/3D scanning camera? If you've not come across them, here is a hotel basement in LA and here is a house in Australia

The system to me has its downfalls, it's not 360°, the pictures are cut in both the nadir and zenith. It's HDR capabilities seem minimal, a lot of over exposure when windows come into shot when shooting indoors. The quality of the pictures don't look as good as iSTAR. You can't seem to zoom in on the pictures, you just move onto the next picture. It's a subscription model, once you buy the camera, you have to pay based on the number of projects you undertake and their size. It also seems to be only available in the US but I have come across a few UK companies using it. They seem to be gathering apace in the US, I see Matterport tours featured quite a lot now.

All the above are negatives and make the iSTAR for me a lot better solution for quality output. However, I really like the floor plan and dollhouse solution they offer, utilising the scans they have already taken to create them. I use PanoTour Pro to create my Virtual Tours so perhaps this is something for them but as the iSTAR is a single system, I would be very interested if that is something NCTech could develop.

Any thoughts?

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