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Uploading to Google Business View

I have just one question for you, We have held the highest resolution (8K) and upload it to Street View Business, than we get the message that the pictures px 5656 instead of 6000 px, and that the upload has been aborted...... oops

And I would really like to briefly ask a question to someone with experience to upload images through the Business View Editor ... Waiting for your response

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How are you stitching the images? Are you stitching on the unit or are you saving to RAW and stitching in Immersive Studio?

i suspect you are trying to upload one of the preview stitched images and not the full resolution stitched images. 

If you have selected "Stitched JPEG only" as the file type on the unit check that you have the resolution set to 8K in the settings page. 

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