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Image Quality

So I've had a number of discussions with NCTech about he image quality I'm getting out of my Iris which I find to have very poor colour replication, not great focusing and very flat / noisy images.

It's been said that it's not meant for outdoors yet comes with GPS and initial YouTube demo was a guy taking a picture of a Church outside.

Anyway, I found these links in the showcase on this very site and "if" my camera was giving this level of quality I would NOT be moaning:

What concerns me is the mirror ball would suggest these were taken wit ha gen 1 unit, not the gen 2 I have with all the so called "fixes"

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I agree.


Mine is at the shelf since i bought it and concern of not taking advantage of it, but I don´t want to show the current quality of mine to customers since they know my panos with the DSRL.

Can be possible a database or something similar where we can share the picture and the settings used ? Maybe in that way we could learn from those guys that found some results playing with settings.

I know that there is a link to facebook, but nobody shares they settings


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