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iStar camera calibration

Im looking to buy a iStar camera Fusion and Faro Focus X130 or S150 scanner.

  • What is the accuracy of colorize the point cloud using images aquired from iStar Fusion?
  • How can I calibrate the camera? How can I fix the parameters of camera calibration?
  • Can I see the accuracy of colorizing the point cloud?

Thank You!

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Hello Drynda,

Thanks for getting in touch,

Please take a look at the following application note which documents the use and workflow for iSTAR in conjunction with a FARO X130 Scanner, It provides all the necessary information required for using iSTAR for this purpose:

If you wish to test the data yourself, the data set with both iSTAR imagery and the 3D point cloud can be accessed using the following link:


The actual process of colourising the Point cloud is fully automated using our Colour cloud software; Colour Cloud can be used as a stand alone application, or as a plugin for FARO Scene software.


If you have further questions, or require pricing info for iSTAR, feel free to get in touch with me directly at



Paul Thomson

Sales Executive

Paul Thomson
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